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Healthy Mouth – Healthy Body

Steve Gorman DDS, AACD – One of few dentists in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Minnesota to be a Founding Member of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health

Oral Systemic Health

The oral systemic connection has recently become a more familiar concept for many. Dr. Steve Gorman and his team are founding members of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH). AAOSH’s mission statement says it best- AAOSH is a network of dedicated health care leaders working to change professional and public behaviors and address the importance of oral health as it relates to whole body health.

A chart explaining Periodontal-systemic Connections in oral health

This fascinating topic is keeping The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry on the forefront of the connection between maintaining a healthy mouth / healthy body. Your mouth is the gateway to the entire body, and taking care of your smile is more important than ever. Keeping inflammation in the mouth (as evidenced by bleeding gums) under control reduces inflammation in other parts of the body; there is a connection. The fewer sources of inflammation throughout the body, the better for overall health.

Conditions such as bleeding gums and periodontal disease have been shown to be risk factors to health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, some cancers, low birth-weight babies and can contribute to bronchitis, pneumonia, and emphysema. At The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry our goal is to treat your smile and protect your overall health through expert care so you can live a long and comfortable life.

An unhealthy mouth or bleeding gums can increase your risk for the following health concerns and more so if there is a family history of:

  • Cardiovascular disease including heart attack and strokes
  • Pulmonary disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Diabetes
  • Premature or low birth-weight babies
  • Certain types of cancer

At The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry, we take extra steps to ensure your smile stays as healthy as possible, and in turn, keep your whole body in top notch condition. Our comprehensive approach to care includes lasers, oral DNA bacterial and personal DNA testing, Perio Protect and recommendations for Xylitol usage, all aimed to protect your overall health, and which aren’t always available through many dentists in Minneapolis.

Taking care of your smile is more important than ever before! If you are currently researching your options among dentists in Minneapolis, look no further. Call to schedule your comprehensive exam with Dr. Gorman today!