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Bridges … Fill the Gap

North Oaks and St. Paul area dentist Steve Gorman has options for replacement of missing teeth

By definition, a bridge is a connection between two permanent structures. A dental bridge is similar in that it attaches a replacement tooth to the natural tooth on either side of the gap left by a missing tooth. When expertly placed by our AACD Accredited dentist, Dr. Steve Gorman, bridges close the gap and restore natural strength and beauty to virtually any smile.

When a tooth is lost it can affect the way you eat, speak, laugh or smile. It can even impact the alignment of other teeth in your mouth. Replacing missing teeth promptly is the best way to avoid a breakdown in how your bite functions.

Actual before and after bridges case study of Dr. Gorman

Bridges are among several options you have when tooth replacement is necessary. While dental implants have quickly become a preferred option by dentists and patients alike, there are situations where dental implants are not suitable. In a case where a dental implant is not the best solution, bridges offer an outstanding alternative.

Dr. Gorman works closely with lab ceramist, Edgar Jimenez, to design bridges that look, feel, and function as close to natural teeth as possible. Together, Dr. Gorman and Mr. Jimenez match the science of dentistry with an artistic eye to create a long-lasting solution for tooth replacement.

Nothing may be more bothersome than a smile plagued by missing teeth, but there is hope! At The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry we provide general and restorative dentistry to North Oaks and Minneapolis-St. Paul, including bridges and dental implants to restore smiles after tooth loss.

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