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Dr. Steve Gorman

Crafting beautiful smiles and changing lives throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

Dr. Steve Gorman, Your Minnesota dentist sitting in his dental office and welcoming you to his dental practice.

Dedicated Service to His Patients

Dr. Steve Gorman is a Minnesota dentist who has become a distinguished member of the dental community, not only throughout the Twin Cities and Minneapolis-St. Paul but nationally as well.

He has become a trusted source of information among his colleagues regarding restorative and cosmetic techniques and is judged to have a keen eye for the perfectly natural smile.

Dr. Steve Gorman is a member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr. Steve Gorman is consistently named a Top Dentist in Mpls St Paul Magazine logo
Dr. Gorman made it to the Mpls St Paul Magazine's Top Dentist Hall of Fame
Dr. Gorman was awarded Minnesota Monthly's Best Dentists 2018
Experience Does Talk

A Minneapolis dentist with years of experience, changing many lives.

Minneapolis dentist Dr. Steve Gorman with his wife Connie embracing and smiling.

For over 30 years, Minneapolis dentist Dr. Steve Gorman has enjoyed restoring complex cases utilizing the marriage of function and the ever-improving materials and techniques of implant and cosmetic dentistry in the greater Minneapolis-St Paul area.

Along with his AACD Accreditation, Dr. Gorman has an impressive track record in ensuring his clients receive the best care available:

  • Founding Member of American Academy of Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH), an organization raising awareness of the mouth-body health links.
  • Founding Member and past president of the Minnesota Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (MACD).
  • Involved with the “best of the best” at the Spear Study Club Network, an organization meeting monthly to collaborate with other specialists in dentistry to analyze complex multidisciplinary treatment options.
Picture of Heidi, an actual patient at The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry

"The quality of care and workmanship of Dr. Gorman and his staff are exceptional."

— Heidi

AACD Accredited Dentist– Why it Matters

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Accredited Member

Dr. Gorman’s AACD accreditation is a testimony to years of experience in complex dentistry, requiring a keen and exacting eye. As an extremely active member of the AACD, Dr. Gorman regularly attends annual international meetings where the “best of the best” come together to share the latest in cosmetic dentistry. The AACD is the world’s largest organization dedicated to advancing excellence in comprehensive oral care.

Dr. Gorman Welcomes All Ages

Your whole family can benefit from the expertise of our Minnesota dentist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dr. Gorman just do cosmetic dentistry?


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Hi, my name is Emma Claire, and I’m here today at The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry in North Oaks, Minnesota.

With our next frequently asked question we have Christine L. from Minneapolis who asks, “Does Dr. Gorman just do cosmetic dentistry
or does he also do general and family dentistry as well?”

That is a really great question Christine, and one that we get here often, especially because Dr. Gorman is so widely known
for his knowledge and experience with complex cosmetic cases, often involving veneers, porcelain crowns, and implants.

What people don’t realize is that he also does a lot of regular dentistry as well!

Here at the Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry we see patients of all ages. We make sure that toddlers enjoy their first dental visits
in the office while teenagers often need help and encouragement with their brushing habits, especially if they have braces. We also really enjoy our relationships with the elderly, helping them to maintain their oral health, which is often not only neglected, but also complicated by many medications and ongoing health issues.

Although Dr. Gorman is an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and has developed his reputation with complex dental care, what is most important for each of his patients is to achieve and maintain excellent oral health and sound bite function.

For everyone, a healthy mouth is the ultimate goal. Cosmetics and appearance are simply icing on the cake!

Spend some time looking through our website at for more information regarding the services that we offer here
at The Gorman Center.

Keep your questions coming and who knows, you may be featured on our next video.

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Building a Lifetime Passion

Learn more about Dr. Steve Gorman’s expertise and education.

Formal Education

The perfect smile is in the details

Professional Affiliations

The perfect smile is in the details


The perfect smile is in the details
  • Dr. Gorman and wife Connie have enjoyed raising their three grown daughters: Emily, Anna, and Madeline.
  • An avid athlete and former college baseball player, Dr. Gorman continues to play the game he’s loved since boyhood and has committed many years to coaching his daughters’ softball teams.
  • Enjoys his valuable and lasting friendships in Bible Study Fellowship and mentorship in the YoungLife organization.
  • Dr. Gorman volunteers at the Union Gospel Mission and provides treatment through the Minnesota Dental Association’s Donated Dental Services and the AACD’s program “Give Back a Smile” for survivors of physical abuse.
  • Dr. Gorman and his team hosted a benefit, raising funds for Cancer Research at the University of Minnesota.

Trust Your Smile With Dr. Steve Gorman

If you ask any of his staff, they will tell you Dr. Gorman is not only an inspiring, encouraging, and fair man to work for, but most importantly, a friend and confidante.