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Celebrating World Smile Day

Friday, October 7th is World Smile Day, inspired by an artist in the 1960’s to make someone’s day brighter by sharing a smile.

We are very fortunate here at The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry to be part of “smile day” every day!


Thinking back on all of our patients who have come to us in search of a dentist they can trust with their care, Rick stands out on this World Smile Day.

Rick came to see Dr. Gorman because his dentistry was looking old and stained.  He wanted a long-term solution and a natural-looking result. Dr. Gorman and Rick decided that porcelain veneers were the solution.

“Literally, right after my treatments with Dr. Gorman were complete, I would get at leasrick1t one comment a day on my smile each day!” said Rick.

“I’m an attorney and image is very, very important in terms of getting and keeping clients,” said Rick.  I believe that my clients feel better about my skills and me as an attorney because of the way I present myself. And, my smile is critical.  I can only say “thank you” to Dr. Gorman and his staff.”
A smile truly is a gift we give to others. Smiling instantly lifts our spirits and those around us. On this World Smile Day, share yours with others!  If you hide your smile or find yourself to be self-conscious about your teeth, we can help. To see patient’s amazing before and after smiles, see our SMILE GALLERY.

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