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3 Reasons You Need a Daily Routine During COVID-19

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As we all remember, when COVID hit hard in March, our daily lives as we knew them were completely uprooted, and our normal routine was lost.

Suddenly, everyone was waking up confused, eating leftovers for breakfast, and before you could even blink, it was 4 pm and the day had escaped you.

I know, in my case, I lost all routine and found myself wandering around my house in the same pajamas that I had worn the previous day, mindlessly snacking and watching The Office for the seventh time. As each day began feeling like Groundhog Day, I noticed that I was craving routine and yearning for some structure.

The fact is, humans thrive when there are structure and routine set in place.

People often think about their routine as grabbing their favorite coffee on their way to work and eating at the same time every day, but there is so much more to having a daily routine that greatly benefits your overall health.

3 reasons to establish a daily routine

1. Reduce stress

Having a routine and sticking to it reduces overall stress on your body because you won’t have to wonder when, where, and how things can be completed.

By reducing stress, you can function at your best, avoid those sneaky unhealthy habits just waiting to get ahold of us when we are vulnerable, and get a much better night’s sleep.

2. Help your children

As our kiddos start heading back to school, whether it be hybrid learning, distance learning, or in-classroom, they will function at their best when a set routine is firmly established.

Waking up at the same time, getting dressed, brushing their teeth every morning, and being active for 30 minutes during the day will help those kiddos to maintain their mental focus and energy all day long.

Additionally, nutritious meals, including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, are key to maintaining strong immune systems.

3. Improve health

Lastly, it is incredibly important for everyone to maintain healthy oral routines. We know that any infection in the mouth affects the body.

While our routines seem upside down these days, brushing and flossing your teeth, brushing or scraping your tongue, and rinsing with mouthwash will help to keep your body healthy too!

Now is a good time to see your dentist to take care of any bleeding and infected areas in your mouth.

Find a daily routine that works for you

As uncertain as times are right now, try to find a bit of normalcy in your daily routines.

Maintaining habits like getting a good night’s rest, reducing stress, eating healthy, and taking care of your mouth will all help toward keeping you healthy!

After all, our oral health affects everything else in our body, and you’ll learn more about that next month.

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