As we wrap up Dental Care Month this May in North Oaks, Minn., we’re taking the time to ask: What does it mean to be aware of your dental care?

When you are in the industry of dental care it is easy to think about what happens to your oral hygiene in between dental visits. However, it is up to you to ensure your optimal dental care between those visits.

Here are a few daily reminders to think about to help with your routine dental care:

  1. Think about your dental care and realize that YOU are the one who makes or breaks the chain of fresh breath and low oral inflammation.
  2. Do you notice bleeding or puffiness in your gum tissue, even if just occasionally? One important concept to remember is that bleeding equals infection.

Yes, that is correct…like an open wound, your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria to easily enter the body and add to the inflammation load our bodies are already fighting from various sources: think ‘Standard American Diet’, lack of quality sleep, excessive screen time and obesity.

A few simple steps to keep your mouth at its best between dental visits can go a long way in lowering your body’s inflammatory load:

  • Keep your nightly oral hygiene routine no matter what. The condition your mouth is in when you go to bed for the night greatly affects the condition of it when you wake up. We always recommend flossing, rinsing with your preferred or prescribed rinse, brushing and using any other tools suggested by your dentist and hygienist. At The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry we are excited to have an effective addition to our oral health program called PerioProtect (more on that in our next blog!).

Learn to include others in your assessment of your own oral health by asking them to let you know if your breath is not fresh. Having fresh breath is essential and most of us do not realize what our own personal requirements are for keeping bacteria at bay. Some of us can stick with a twice daily routine and keep our oral inflammation low, others need to commit to three times per day, every day to keep breath neutral.

  • If you have children, start them early on a fun and consistent pattern of nightly brushing and flossing. Explain to them that keeping oral bacteria down is just like taking out the garbage (tie the two together and maybe you can get the side benefit of enlisting them in that “fun” chore also!) It is all about attitude.
  • Realize that what you do or don’t do between dental visits is equally important as any treatment you receive in our office.  Be aware of what your mouth feels like when it is healthy and commit to doing your part on a daily basis. Your mouth AND body will thank you.
  • Be sure to stay up to date with your cleanings. Contact us today to schedule your next cleaning. After all…it is spring cleaning time.

“Dental care is much more than visiting your dentist a few times per year.  Our team at The Gorman Center is committed to educating our patients on total body health and how huge a role oral health plays AND motivating them to do their daily part to achieve and maintain superior oral health,” said Dr. Gorman.

Overall, we are here to help you with your dental care and please feel free to contact us with any questions.