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Grateful Patient: Phyllis

Before and after photos of Phyllis' new smile from The Gorman Center.Every once in awhile The Gorman Center has the privilege of restoring a broken down, worn and tired smile.  Our patient, Phyllis was so grateful to have her bite restored to a comfortable fit and the bonus was a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

Often times, when teeth are dark and worn, people shy away from the camera and don’t reflect who they are inside. Consequently, visits to the dentist are avoided for years, adding more doubt instead of hope to their thoughts of a new smile.

Phyllis couldn’t be happier with the outcome of her new smile, something we at The Gorman Center call Transformative Dentistry.

Phyllis is a great example of transformative dentistry.
“Phyllis not only has a bright smile now, she can chew and bite properly which will positively affect her health for the better” — Dr. Gorman
 “I am filled with thankfulness for all you have done for me,” said Phyllis. “The generous care and concern for human kindness given by you and all of your staff speak volumes. Adding that to the expertise and knowledge of your chosen profession deserves the highest praise and gratitude. I am forever grateful!”

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