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Learn How our High-Tech Tools Better Your Experience

Our reputation is built on consistent delivery of dental excellence, and that’s because we always stay updated on the latest technologies to better serve all of our patients.

When you enter our Minneapolis area dental center, you might encounter some of these revolutionary technologies:

  • CEREC machine – In just one visit, you can have your porcelain crowns crafted and placed in your mouth. Your dental treatments will be much easier and faster to incorporate into your busy schedule.
  • Digital radiography – You will be exposed to less radiation compared to other radiation technologies. Plus, it will deliver accurate diagnosis and give a better understanding of what is happening with your oral health.
  • Intraoral camera – Think of this like a tour of your mouth. This camera allows our doctors to show you exactly what is happening with your smile, and you can easily follow along and see the activity happening inside your mouth.
  • Diagnodent – Sometimes x-rays cannot catch signs of early decay. However, this handy tool is extremely accurate in detecting early decay.
  • Diode laser therapy – This comfortable laser uses energy to stop oral disease in its tracks. It is painless and has a faster healing time than the invasiveness of scalpels and needles.
  • Zoom! teeth whitening – If you need a bright smile fast. Our in-office treatment can brighten your smile to 8-10 shades lighter in about an hour!

We have so much to offer at our dental practice. We want all of our patients to benefit and enjoy their dental treatments at our practice, and we will continue to update to the finest technologies to benefit you.

If you are in need of dental treatment, look no further than The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry! Give us a call today!

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