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Patient Spotlight: Kathy’s Story

“Everyone tells me how natural and pretty my teeth are.” – Kathy

Minneapolis dentist Cathy before and after

Suburban Dallas resident, Kathy, had never liked the flared appearance of her teeth and her old “ugly” crown in the front. After consulting with Dr. Gorman she decided to re-position her teeth through the use of orthodontics (braces) with the intention of replacing the old crown in the front after braces. Once the braces were removed we whitened her teeth using the Zoom in-office system.

Following the whitening, Kathy decided she wanted to improve the shape of her front teeth. Thanks to ceramic crowns by Minneapolis dentist, Dr. Gorman, she now does even her most serious horseback riding with a big smile on her face.

We would love to help you restore your smile to robust health and youthful beauty. Contact us today for a friendly consultation. We look forward to getting to know you and your smile!

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