Even Strangers Can’t Believe How Natural Abby’s Veneers Look [Watch Video]

Are you considering veneers?

You likely have questions, concerns, and perhaps hesitations about getting veneers, such as:

Do veneers hurt?

Can veneers stain?

Will they look natural?

Addressing these with your dentist is generally the recommended route, so you get answers tailored to your circumstance.

However, another credible source of information is a real patient – someone who already received veneers from the dentist you’re considering.

They’ll be able to give you unbiased answers based on their experience and have the evidence to back it up (their new smile).

Today, that’s exactly what you’re getting:

A real testimonial from Dr. Steve Gorman‘s patient, Abby, who improved her smile with porcelain veneers.

In this short video above, Abby will elaborate on:

  • Why she wanted veneers
  • Her questions and concerns about getting veneers
  • Why she chose The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry
  • If she felt pain during the procedure
  • What is was like with temporary veneers
  • What strangers have said about her new smile
  • How veneers changed her life

Before & after photos of Abby's natural-looking veneers

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But if you’d like to dive into Abby’s story deeper and learn more about porcelain veneers, please continue reading.

Why veneers?

There were two main issues Abby wanted to fix with her smile:

  1. She had staining on her teeth after straightening them with braces.
  2. Her teeth were small and could use more length.

She wanted to get these smile flaws fixed, eventually.

However, as her teeth began to worsen over time, the urgency sped up, and she knew veneers were the best option for her smile’s current condition and end goal.

The challenge now was finding the best cosmetic dentist in Twin Cities, MN.

Why Abby chose Dr. Gorman

Abby wanted a dentist she could rely on to give her high-quality and completely natural-looking veneers – especially because she was young and wanted her outcome to last. She also wanted to be involved and feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

She began her search by visiting multiple cosmetic dentists in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area for consultations.

When she came to The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry, she said she knew she’d found the right place.

“I found a compassionate team; every single person from the front desk to the dental assistant to Dr. Gorman to anyone you interact with. You feel taken care of both inside the clinic and out of the clinic once you’re home.”

During her consultation, Abby brought up all her questions and concerns with veneers. Dr. Gorman took the time to answer each one with full transparency and understanding, including:

  • Comfort: Dr. Gorman reassured her that throughout the procedures, she’d be numbed and not feel pain.
  • Expertise: Abby learned of Dr. Gorman’s vast depth of knowledge and experience in cosmetic dentistry, including his accreditation with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry… This text opens a new tab to the AACD website….
  • Natural-looking results: Dr. Gorman discussed the process in which we customize veneers to look like real teeth and enhance facial features, which includes working with AACD accredited ceramist Edgar Jimenez. Our Smile Gallery of past patients’ results solidified this.
  • Longevity: Dr. Gorman detailed the benefits of porcelain veneers compared to other materials or cosmetic treatments and how to properly care for her veneers to maximize the lifespan.

By the end of her visit, Abby knew she could trust Dr. Gorman to provide her with the best dental care.

Abby’s experience getting veneers

Following Abby’s consultation, she and Dr. Gorman carefully mapped out her treatment, outlining each detail and what to expect.

Here’s a quick summary of what happened.

Step 1. Teeth whitening

First, we whitened Abby’s teeth with Zoom! Teeth Whitening.

Since we can’t change the color of veneers after they’re made, it’s important to whiten teeth beforehand. This way, your veneers won’t look unnatural beside your non-veneered teeth.

In Abby’s words:

“It was super easy, actually relaxing, quick, and not painful at all.”

Step 2. Prep teeth for veneers

This step involved removing a small amount of tooth enamel.

Removing too much may lead to tooth sensitivity problems, and removing too little can give you bulky, chiclet-looking veneers. This is why doing your due diligence to find the top cosmetic dentist, as Abby did, is a must!

Abby recalls the experience as being easy:

“I was numb the whole time. I just slept through the appointment. Even though I was a little bit sore, he made sure that I was comfortable no matter what. He called me at 9 pm to make sure I was not in pain, which just showed me that he genuinely cared.”

Step 3. Place temporary veneers

Next, we placed temporary veneers.

Two reasons for temporary veneers are:

  1. It generally takes two to three weeks for our lab ceramist to custom-craft your final veneers.
  2. It gives you time to “test drive” your new smile and determine if there are any changes you’d like to make, such as color, length, shape, etc.

Another benefit of wearing temporary veneers:

“I was able to walk around in my life and ask my family and friends how do they look, what do you think, do you want them bigger or shorter?”

It also drums up the excitement and anticipation of your final smile:

“I loved my temporaries, and I knew that I was going to love my permanent ones even more.”

Step 4. Place permanent veneers

After making Abby’s requested adjustments and trusting Dr. Gorman to make any additional changes thereafter, it was time to place her permanent veneers.

Abby had a total of 10 veneers placed on her upper teeth.

Similar to her previous dental visits at our office:

“No pain, no discomfort. I wasn’t anxious. Again, it was relaxing, I just slept through the whole thing.”

Only this time, she left with her brand new smile!

She couldn’t believe how beautiful her veneers looked. Her teeth were white, straight, pain-free, and sturdy.

She even plans to have her lower teeth done next!

Step 5. Show off smile

"To have absolute strangers not even realized that it was veneers and compliment me on my biggest insecurity for years was mind-blowing and boosted my confidence in a way that I never thought was possible." - Abby, Real Patient of Dr. Steve Gorman

Now it was time for Abby to share her smile with the world confidently.

Since getting her veneers, she’s had endless compliments from family, friends, coworkers, and even complete strangers.

A lady at Hy-Vee supermarket asked her what teeth whitening she had done, and when Abby told her she had veneers, the lady was shocked at how natural they looked.

As Abby said:

“I knew I loved it, I knew my family loved it, but to have absolute strangers not even realized that it was veneers and compliment me on my biggest insecurity for years was mind-blowing and boosted my confidence in a way that I never thought was possible.”

Is your smile next?

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