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A Professional Partnership That Benefits You!

Dr. Gorman and Dr. DaVoe work together to give you a healthier bite and more beautiful smile.

Dr. Gorman refers the majority of his patients needing orthodontic evaluations and treatment to Dr. Brian DeVoe of Distinctive Orthodontics in our own Village Center Professional Building.

For the first 30 years of Dr. Gorman’s career, his primary source for orthodontics was Dr. Gary Lunstad in the same practice. Dr. Lunstad was innovative in straightening teeth but also setting up bites and smiles in the end that were coordinated with jaw movement and function beyond what is normally seen in the profession.

Dr. DeVoe took over after several years of mentorship with Dr. Lunstad and team. He has upheld the outstanding reputation of the practice and continues to create his own legacy in orthodontics.

A successful partnership = better patient care

Dr. Gorman appreciates the willingness of Dr. DeVoe to work closely with him on cosmetic cases, especially in positioning teeth to best set up smile transformations with porcelain veneers or other restorations, and long-lasting bite function as a result of treatment. Often one of the doctors will be running down the hallway to check on the latest progress of a mutual patient.

It is always reassuring to our patients when they can see and hear that the doctors are aware of exactly where their progress has led and what may need to be adjusted to set up the next phase of treatment.

Dr. Gorman also appreciates Dr. DeVoe’s commitment to continual learning similar to his own. He is always in the process of improving the quality and scope of what he can offer to those in his care. Like Dr. Gorman, he takes many hours of continuing education; well beyond what is professionally required.

He also is instrumental in bringing continuing education close to home by cosponsoring a local study club affiliated with the most heralded dental continuation education organization in dentistry, Spear Education. This involves monthly meetings with approximately 25 dental professionals.

As a member of this Spear Study Club, Dr. Gorman sees Dr. DeVoe’s commitment to helping all the members to be better dentists. His goal is to be a source to improve the overall quality of care for the profession as a whole and especially in the communities served by these doctors.

Expanding their knowledge and skills to serve you better

Along with innovations in traditional orthodontics and continual expansion of applications of Invisalign and other removable appliances, it is impressive to see Dr. DeVoe expand his scope to involve the overall health of his patients. He and Dr. Gorman have constant discussions about the expanding knowledge of the relationship between oral health and overall medical health.

Another huge area of concern is recognizing airway issues with patients of all ages. This involves early recognition of altered sleep and jaw growth in children leading to later orthodontic and even behavioral issues as well as recognizing potential sleep apnea patients in danger of major medical complications.

Dr. DeVoe has assembled an extremely professional team around him all devoted to the practice philosophy and continual learning culture that he constantly aspires to. They understand that things will constantly be changing for the betterment of what they can provide on a day to day basis. It is reassuring to us at The Gorman Center that that understanding is also the understanding that we have in our practice and makes it so enjoyable to work in coordination with them.

When not practicing orthodontics or working on improving his skills in his profession, Dr. DeVoe is very active in his community, a personal friend to many. He is a big Minnesota Golden Gophers sports fan, especially Men’s Basketball. He uses his organizational skills to run the study club’s March Madness pool.  Bicycling is a favorite activity. All in all, we are extremely lucky and happy to have such professional and dedicated orthodontic support for our patients!

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