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Prepless Veneers! Are They Right For Me?

Creating Art is Something to Enjoy and Embrace!

Having the correct tools to create art is important in any situation, but anybody who has heard amazing musicians play off of garbage cans, or even this painter who only uses her fingers knows that amazing art goes further than just the correct tools. Talent and skill, however, are crucial to successful artistic development.

It’s the same with cosmetic dentistry. The best materials will only make a difference when employed by people who know how to transform your smile. So how do you know if a particular dentist is qualified to create the changes you seek? You should ask to see before-and-after photos of work actually done by the dentist you are considering. A qualified cosmetic dentist should be proud to show these to you.That is why we love to show case our Smile Gallery. Please take a moment to see some smiles that we have transformed in the past, to get an idea of what you could also enjoy!

Unveiling your true beauty and smile potential.

If you think that you are ready for veneers, be sure to ask us about the beautiful option that you will enjoy for a decade or more.  A smile that appeals to all who see it, most especially you.

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There is an option however besides traditional porcelain veneers known as prepless veneers. They are designed of the same high-quality materials as Dr. Gorman’s traditional veneers, but are thinner and therefore are a great choice for small or set back teeth, teeth with minimal dentistry or discoloration. Dr. Steve Gorman is a leader in the latest in cosmetic dentistry and prepless veneers. Minneapolis-St. Paul and North Oaks clients can trust they’re receiving the very best care when choosing prepless veneers from Dr. Gorman. If you are curious about Veneers of any sort don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will answer any questions that you may have!

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