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Case Study: Stacy’s Journey To A Flawless Smile

Stacy's Journey to a Flawless Smile

Who doesn’t want a picture-perfect smile? Beaming with confidence and looking like a million dollars?

Stacy sure did.

But she wasn’t feeling confident with the smile she had, all because of asymmetric, gapped, and unnatural-looking teeth (two of her frontal crowns didn’t quite match).

And that very smile made Stacy feel (and act) more reserved than she’d want.

When she came in for help, we knew we had no choice but to finally give her the smile she’s always dreamt of.

Having said that, it was no cakewalk – here’s what happened.

Stacy’s concerns with dental treatment

It’s a story that, sadly, we’ve seen hundreds of times before.

Stacy hadn’t been happy with her smile for a while.

And she had also known for a while that she could have a much better smile if she just talked to a dentist.

But she felt apprehensive anyway.

And who could blame her?

She wasn’t sure who to see. Who to trust.

And she had no idea what that process would look like or how much it would cost.

All of these questions caused her to wait and avoid a dental consultation for several years.

“Enough is enough,” Stacy thought, and decided to take action in the right direction.

Dr. Gorman to the rescue

Stacy found Dr. Gorman’s practice online and, once she received a phone call back from Julie, we set up a consultation with Dr. Gorman.

The most important part of planning and carrying out a treatment plan was to LISTEN to what Stacy’s concerns were: what she liked and didn’t like and how she wanted her smile to look.

We also made sure to thoroughly explain the difference between working on two teeth as compared to a full smile.

All to help Stacy feel comfortable with the whole thing.

She wasn’t happy with the way she’d been treated before, and we needed to show her that bad experiences like that are the exception – not the expectation.

Stacy didn’t feel heard by her previous dentist, so we worked hard to help her feel welcome and truly understood.

Mismatched crowns, gapped teeth, and uneven gums

The bad news was that it wasn’t just one problem with Stacy’s smile.

There were, in fact, quite a few.

First, she had these unsightly crowns on her two front teeth that didn’t match the surrounding teeth.

She also had spaces between some of her upper front teeth that she was embarrassed about.

Last but not least, Stacy’s gum level heights were crooked, giving her smile an asymmetrical look.

Needless to say, she wasn’t happy about it.

No, Stacy wanted a smile that would look good in pictures.

More than good – perfect.

She also wanted a lighter color for her teeth and natural-looking contours.

We could certainly see where she was coming from.

The good news – we knew how to reach that goal.

The solution: A full smile makeover

Once we did a thorough examination and studied Stacy’s bite, we worked with her to form a comprehensive plan.

The goal – give Stacy the naturally vibrant smile that she always wanted.

To start with, we contoured Stacy’s gum line to keep it consistent for every tooth.

From there, we added porcelain veneers and crowns on the front ten upper teeth, completely restoring their beauty and creating a perfect, uniform appearance all the way through.

Naturally, Stacy had many questions, so we made sure to explain the reasoning and the thought process behind every step of the plan.

The goal wasn’t just to create a good-looking smile.

It was also to restore proper bite function and give Stacy complete confidence that she wouldn’t regret anything.

It’s about building a smile that doesn’t just look good but also FEELS good.

Stacy LOVES her smile now

Stacy LOVES her smile now

“I am over-the-moon happy about my new smile. I look at it every day and I am so happy that I made the decision to do this when I did. And I recommend Dr. Gorman and the entire team for any cosmetic dentistry that you want to have done.” – Stacy

If you’re fed up with your smile too, we can help – but it’s important to get treatment soon.

The earlier you restore your smile, the longer you’ll get to enjoy your life with renewed confidence.

Would you like to feel as happy with your smile as Stacy does now?

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Dr. Gorman is:

With his 40+ years of advanced education and experience, Dr. Gorman has created countless timeless smiles.

So, are you ready to experience life-changing cosmetic dentistry with Dr. Gorman?

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