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The Sticky Side of Sweets

Protect the teeth of kids eating sugary lollipops with this advice from our North Oaks dentist.

It that time of year when we look forward to mouth-watering candy treats and rich, sugary desserts. With the following tips from you North Oaks dentist, you can decrease the chance for sweets turning on you and attacking your tooth enamel.

Share these tips with your friends and family, especially  children!  These are lifelong habits that will not only help prevent dental decay, but gum disease also.

Some easy tips to use and share!

Make cleaning your mouth a bedtime ritual: The most important time of the day to floss between your teeth and to brush  is at bedtime. Since the length of time sugary carbohydrates are in contact with your teeth affects the amount of damage that is done to the enamel, it is very important to go to bed with a very clean mouth.

Avoid hard candy: Hard candy and candy you suck on to reduce the time that sugar is in contact with your teeth.

Avoid sticky sweets:  Sticky sweets that stay on your teeth long after you are finished eating them.

FLOSS FLOSS FLOSS: Teach children at a young age the importance of flossing between teeth for a lifetime of fewer cavities and better gum health.  Your dental hygienist can teach your child the best technique and show them a variety of flossing tools geared toward child-sized hands and ability.

For more information on how to keep you and your kids’ mouth healthy visit The American Dental Association (ADA).

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