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What is Transformative Dentistry?

cosmetic dentistry
Our Client Scott

One of the things we have frequently witnessed here at the Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry is how the outcome of cosmetic dentistry positively affects our clients’ emotions and feelings. We call it transformative dentistry.

Dr. Gorman has often said that one of the most profound and satisfying outcomes of transformative dentistry for our clients is their change in facial expression and mood. When teeth are crowded, dark, chipped and worn, or missing, people often avoid smiling and laughing in a natural and relaxed way. Facial expressions take on a seriousness over a period of time-and that undefinable element that attracts others to us, often expressed in a smile, becomes hidden.

The shift from a repressed smile to a naturally attractive one through transformative dentistry is often a surprise and sometimes brings tears to our clients’ eyes. They realize that it is about so much more than teeth!

One recent client was not looking forward to being in the photos at her son’s upcoming wedding due to a dingy smile that she had lived with her whole life. After her treatment she stopped by our office to show Dr. Gorman the wedding photos and guess what? She said she enjoyed all the events of the wedding weekend, smiled non-stop and blamed it all on her new confidence!

There is no “one smile fits all” here at The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry because Dr. Gorman believes that every smile is unique. The changes that our clients ask for are sometimes very slight, such as reshaping one or a few teeth or whitening a dingy smile. It is the natural-looking outcome of what we call transformative dentistry- simple or complex, that leads to more laughter and smiles-and we enjoy unlocking that door every day!

Our Client, Scott, Says it Best: 

“When I mescott3et people for the first time they comment on my smile from the get go. When people I’ve known for a long time see me they ask if I have just gotten back from vacation.  They notice I am happier, they know something is different but they just can’t put their finger on it.”

If you have been contemplating making some changes to your smile or improve your dental health, or if you hold back or hide your smile, especially in photos, give us a call 651-483-5134 to arrange your complimentary consultation or second opinion.  We look forward to seeing you.

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