Watch this video to discover how periodontal therapy changed Jerry’s life.

Periodontal Therapy

Painlessly treating gum disease.

  • Using gentle diode lasers to get your smile healthy without scalpels or sutures
  • Decrease your risk of chronic health issues (heart disease, Alzheimer’s, etc.)
  • Love your smile for life under the care of Dr. Steve Gorman, renowned for his expertise, careful listening, and complete approach to care

Safeguard Your Smile and Overall Health

Do you really need to treat your gum disease? Watch our video to find out.

To have a beautiful and well-functioning smile, you must have a healthy foundation of bone and gum tissue.

When that healthy foundation is jeopardized by gum disease, you’re putting your smile and overall health at risk.

Gum disease is an inflammatory condition, which can cause several health risks, such as:

  • Bone and tooth loss
  • Heart and pulmonary disease
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Some cancers
  • Pneumonia
  • Emphysema
If you're noticing:
  • Your gums bleed when you brush, floss, or have your teeth cleaned
  • Your gum tissue is tender or swollen
  • Your bite has changed because your teeth have moved or shifted

  • Your gum tissue is receding or your teeth appear longer

  • You have bad breath
Dr. Gorman can get you back on track to better health with periodontal therapy.

The Benefits of Periodontal Therapy

Using a diode laser, Dr. Gorman gently eliminates the bacteria infecting your smile.
  • Reduces bleeding gums and inflammation
  • Prevents tooth loss, saving your smile
  • Restores your confidence in getting your smile back on track
  • It’s painless (there’s no need for sutures or scalpels)
  • Decreases the risk for chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and more
  • Done right the first time under the care of accredited AACD dentist, Dr. Gorman
See a Before-and-After Case

Discover how periodontal therapy helped our client, Jerry.

Before After Video Testimonial Click to play movie

Hear Jerry’s story of getting a new, healthier smile at The Gorman Center.

‘‘I feel more comfortable in my appearance. I'd like to thank Dr. Gorman and everybody for their time and efforts that they put into making me a new person. Because that's how I feel right now. People look at me now, and they kind of give me a double look because they see that I'm happy. So now I can go with the rest of my life with a good smile and feeling comfortable about my smile.

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How Dr. Gorman Puts Your Comfort First

Dr. Steve Gorman, Your Minnesota dentist sitting in his dental office and welcoming you to his dental practice.

Dr. Gorman is seen as a leader in both cosmetic dentistry and periodontal care.

That’s why he’s developed a system that addresses the link between gum disease and the total body, by utilizing lasers and other modern technology. What does that mean for you?

Want to Learn More About Periodontal Therapy?

Consult our FAQs below.
  • What does periodontal therapy entail?

    Our comprehensive periodontal therapies include:

    • DNA testing to assess your genetic susceptibility
    • Bacterial testing to determine the exact type and concentration of periodontal bacteria
    • Dental laser therapy to kill bacteria and eliminate diseased tissue
    • Perio Protect – Locally delivered antimicrobial agents to target bacteria and maintain wellness
    • Collaboration with your physician regarding total body health
  • How do diode lasers work?

    Much like washing dirt out of an open wound, lasers kill bacteria and disinfect the deep pocket around the tooth.

    They won’t harm any of your healthy soft tissue or dentition. Our goal is to eliminate the transmission of oral bacteria into the bloodstream, improving overall health.

  • How does Perio Protect work?

    Perio Protect is an exciting new product used at home to speed healing and is often used in combination with periodontal laser therapy.

    Perio Protect has been proven to help build bone back after gum disease.

    It’s a special tray that fits comfortably over your teeth, which you fill with a hydrogen peroxide solution and an antibiotic.

  • Can laser therapy treat cold sores?


    If you suffer from unsightly cold and canker sores, in a matter of minutes, we can eliminate the pain and shorten your healing time.

    Although the best time for treatment is when you feel the initial tingling of a cold sore or canker sore, you will benefit at any stage in the healing process.

    Each treatment reduces the likelihood of recurrence.

  • What do I need to do in the future to keep periodontal disease from coming back?

    You’ll continually be on a periodontal maintenance recall schedule after this treatment. Your appointment recalls could be anywhere from 12 weeks to 6 months.

    You can maintain your periodontal health by continuing to follow home care instructions and maintaining your recall appointments.

    We also provide a periodontal protect tray system for you to use at home as an adjunct to your home care.

    This has been very beneficial to patients who have gone through laser therapy or are trying to maintain their oral health.

Treat Your Gum Disease the Gentle Way
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