Botox® in Minneapolis

Reverse signs of aging with this non-surgical cosmetic treatment.

Minimally Invasive, Beautiful Results

Look and feel younger with Botox® by AACD Accredited Dentist, Dr. Steve Gorman.

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Botox® is the most popular, conservative cosmetic procedure in North America. Although commonly associated with plastic surgeons and dermatologists, Botox® treatment by dentists is well established.

Dr. Steve Gorman is a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics… This text opens a new tab to the official website… and an administrator of Botox® treatments. He’s developed a reputation as a very gentle provider of facial esthetic services.

How does Botox® work?

Botox® injections partially block the contraction of muscles. When this happens, the muscles smooth out and wrinkles soften, giving you a more youthful appearance.

The areas commonly used for smoothing facial wrinkles are the forehead, between the eyes, and around the eyes’ corners.

Botox® is safe, quick, effective, and you can easily add it to your dental visit.

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Botox® in Minneapolis

  • Botox® Cosmetic is safe and FDA-approved
  • The procedure takes only 10-15 minutes
  • It’s minimally invasive and painless
  • It can be used to relieve facial pain and tension
  • Look and feel younger by smoothing out wrinkles
  • It’s the #1 selling treatment of its kind
  • Treatment is adjustable to ensure a natural-looking result
  • You’ll start seeing results within days
  • It can reduce symptoms of TMJ disorder
  • Boost your self-esteem and confidence

Should Dr. Gorman Apply My Botox® Treatment?

According to the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, dentists are uniquely suited for providing Botox®. Here are a few ways our dentist stands out:
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Extensive Training
Our award-winning cosmetic and restorative dentist, Dr. Gorman, is exceptionally skilled at assessing the face's balance and overall esthetics. He has extensive training in the head and neck anatomy and is highly experienced in injecting sensitive areas.
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AACD Accredited
As an Accredited Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Gorman has been highly trained in facial esthetics and uses the concepts of excellence, attention, perspective, awareness, precision, balance, and function daily.
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Transformative Dentistry
The natural-looking outcome we strive for at The Gorman Center is called transformative dentistry. This includes creating a relaxed and youthful smile, which Botox® can help to achieve.

Botox® FAQs

Answered by our cosmetic dentists, Dr. Gorman and Dr. Lippe!
  • How can I avoid that frozen look?
    When not performed correctly, Botox® can give you a frozen, unnatural look. It can also give you uneven facial symmetry, such as cockeyed eyebrows or droopy eyelids.

    To avoid this, we recommend seeking treatment from an experienced Botox® administrator, like Dr. Gorman.

    In fact, Dr. Gorman has more training in facial esthetics than most doctors due to his background in cosmetic dentistry. This gives him a deeper understanding of your facial structure and how it might react to Botox®.

  • Does Botox® hurt?
    The needles used for Botox® are tiny and generally described as feeling like a little pinch. A topical anesthetic can be administered to numb the injection site beforehand, so you don’t feel it.

    One perk of having Dr. Gorman administer your Botox® is he’s very experienced with injections, often providing them daily. He knows exactly how and where to distribute your injections for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

  • How long does it take for Botox® to work?
    You may begin to see results in 24-48 hours. However, you’ll see maximum results in 10-14 days.
  • How long does Botox® last?
    Botox® results will last between three to six months on average. To maintain your result, you’ll need additional treatments.

    As you continue to use Botox® regularly, you may notice your results last longer, possibly up to eight months.

  • How else can I look younger?

    In addition to Botox®, Minneapolis dentist Dr. Gorman also offers cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Improving your smile can have an immediate transformative impact on your overall appearance.

    Popular dental treatments that can make you look younger include:

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