Prepless Veneers in Minneapolis

"I would not hesitate to go the route of prepless veneers!" - Stephanie, Client.

Before & After Prepless Veneer Cases

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Before and after Prepless Veneers Case
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Prepless Veneers May Be For You

If you want the same beautiful smile created by traditional veneers, but feel apprehensive about the removal of natural tooth enamel, prepless veneers may be the perfect solution for you.

Among the most appealing aspects of prepless veneers is their ability to transform smiles without removing natural tooth structure. They are designed of the same high-quality materials as Dr. Gorman’s traditional veneers but are thinner and, therefore, are a great choice for small or set back teeth, teeth with minimal dentistry or discoloration.

Dr. Lexi Lippe is a leader in the latest in cosmetic dentistry and prepless veneers. Minneapolis-St. Paul and North Oaks clients can trust they’re receiving the best care when choosing prepless veneers from Dr. Lippe. Whether you need to cover up one tooth or are looking for a completely new smile, prepless veneers are a conservative, easy way to get the results you want.


Discover The Beauty of Prepless Veneers With Dr. Lexi Lippe

Unlock your dream smile with natural-looking results.
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You, too, can experience the transformative power of prepless veneers under the expert care of Dr. Lexi Lippe at The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry.

Renowned for her precision and attention to detail, Dr. LippeThis link leads to Doctor’s page specializes in providing patients with beautiful, natural-looking smiles that radiate confidence.

Working alongside accredited ceramist Mr. Edgar Jimenez, Dr. Lippe designs veneers with meticulous precision and artistry, ensuring aesthetic beauty and functional stability.

Say goodbye to artificial-looking smiles and hello to a newfound confidence with prepless veneers from Dr. Lexi Lippe.

Schedule your consultation today and discover the beauty of a smile that reflects your true self.

Trust Your Smile with Dr. Steve Gorman and Dr. Lippe
If you ask any of their staff, they will tell you Dr. Gorman and Dr. Lippe are not only an inspiring, encouraging, and fair doctors to work for, but most importantly, a friends and confidantes.