Sedation Dentistry in Minneapolis

Sedation dentistry offers Minneapolis, North Oaks, and St. Paul clients added relaxation when needed.

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Is Fear Getting in the Way?

If dental anxiety has caused you to avoid dental treatment, consider us your choice in sedation dentistry. We understand the anxiety patients may feel when visiting the dentist; perhaps you’ve had a bad experience in the past or your teeth and gums are extra sensitive. We empathize with these types of anxiety and have designed our practice to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

After carefully listening to your concerns, we will customize a plan to address your dental anxiety. We offer several comfort features, including:

  • Headphones and heated neck rolls
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Oral medications

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Our dental sedation has helped other patients like you overcome their dental fears.
Our oral medications allow you to feel relaxed while still being awake, similar to the relaxation you feel just before you drift off to sleep.
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Another benefit of sedation dentistry is that your visit will seem to go by more quickly.
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One of the most common reasons for dental anxiety is the anticipation of receiving anesthetic. Dr. Steve Gorman has long been known for (and is often recommended because of) his gentle touch when providing anesthetic. Many say they didn’t feel a thing!

You'll Love Your Visits

We have found that as our anxious clients get to know us, they look forward to their visits and their dental anxiety melts away. Watch our video to learn what to expect at The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry.

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Don't Let Dental Anxiety Stop You
If dental anxiety has caused you to avoid dental treatment, consider Dr. Steve Gorman your only choice in sedation dentistry.