Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Minneapolis

Dr. Gorman is an AACD accredited dentist who makes full mouth rehabilitation an integral part of his Minneapolis area dental practice.

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Blending Science and Art

Full mouth rehabilitation combines the science of general dentistry and the art of cosmetic dentistry to transform an unhealthy smile into a masterpiece, and this is what AACD accredited dentist, Dr. Steve Gorman, is known for. A truly stunning smile encompasses complete health, total function, and undeniable beauty. Dr. Gorman’s extensive problem-solving abilities combined with his passion and knowledge of full mouth rehabilitation make him our clients’ first choice for their complex dental needs.

Treatment begins with a conversation with Dr. Steve Gorman in which he will listen to your concerns and discuss the current condition of your mouth. Following your consultation, Dr. Gorman and lab ceramist, Edgar Jimenez, one of the few AACD accredited teams in the nation, will construct a comprehensive treatment plan tailored “second to none.”

Before & After Full Mouth Rehabilitation Case

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Beauty and Function

If you're experiencing jaw pain and desire a gorgeous smile, full mouth rehabilitation can help.
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‘‘It’s most satisfying to be able to watch a patient’s reaction once full mouth rehabilitation is complete, especially when it turns out better than what their expectation was. A lot of patients are very emotional; it’s very rewarding when they’re happy. There’s a certain pride in getting the results you expected."

- Dr. Gorman, Minneapolis dental care provider

Alleviate Jaw Pain

One of the biggest reasons our clients consider full mouth rehabilitation in Minneapolis is the desire to relieve the jaw pain they have suffered from for years. The following conditions can be either symptoms or causes of TMJ/TMD: worn, fractured, or loose teeth, muscle soreness, jaw joint pain or migraine headaches. Most of these can be relieved by full mouth rehabilitation following proper management of the jaw joint issues.

You Deserve the Highest Level of Care
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