Inlays & Onlays in Minneapolis

Minneapolis dentists and clients look to Dr. Steve Gorman and Dr. Lexi Lippe for innovations in non–metal restorations.
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Conservative Solutions

Inlays and onlays are a strong, natural-looking conservative solution when replacing broken, worn and damaged fillings. Made of porcelain, inlays and onlays are bonded to the tooth – strengthening the tooth, not just filling the space. They are used when a regular filling won’t provide enough coverage, but isn’t necessary for a crown to be placed. Dr. Gorman’s thirty years of experience allow him to create inlays and onlays that maximize strength and function while capturing a natural, beautiful appearance.

An inlay is used to fill in spaces within the cusps of back teeth caused by cavities and decay. An onlay covers a larger area of the tooth, including one or more cusps. By restoring a decayed or damaged tooth with an inlay or onlay, you may actually prevent the need for a crown later on.

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CEREC Dentistry

Experience the convenience of same-day restorations.
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Restorations Done In One Visit

Gone are the days of waiting 2-3 weeks to place your restoration after its fabrication in the dental lab. Today we can create crowns and inlay/onlay restorations in a single visit with the aid of the CEREC 3D Restoration System.

How does CEREC dentistry work?

  • CEREC dentistry utilizes CAD-CAM (Computer-Aided Design – Computer-Aided Manufacturing) to fabricate your restoration right in the office
  • Digital images are taken of your prepared teeth (instead of impressions). Then, a virtual model of the tooth is created in the computer
  • The design software allows us to create the restoration from a solid block of porcelain
  • You can even watch it being made from start to finish – all completed in one visit

A CEREC tooth restoration isn’t just convenient; it is also healthy. Many years ago, we had few options to repair teeth other than mercury filled metal fillings. With CEREC 3D, we use a strong, tooth-colored ceramic material to restore your teeth to their natural strength, beauty, and function. Also, the materials are bonded to your tooth, allowing us to save as much natural tooth structure as possible, while providing you with a restoration that strengthens your tooth.

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By proactively offering conservative solutions for tooth restoration, Dr. Steve Gorman is a leader of North Oaks, St. Paul, and Minneapolis dentists and stands by his commitment to the highest standards of care.