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Our smile design services change the lives of our clients every day. Your smile could be next.
Before & After Smile Design Cases
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What Can You Expect?

It all begins with a consultation.
Meet our North Oaks dentist Dr. Steve Gorman

‘‘I find joy in combining art and science to create a natural looking smile based on my clients’ desires. My team of professionals is second to none and that gives me the opportunity to thoughtfully design each and every smile.

– Steve Gorman, DDS AACD

You can trust your smile design will compliment your face because Dr. Gorman is not only an AACD accredited dentist, but also works closely with one of the finest AACD accredited lab ceramists, Edgar Jimenez. This ensures your smile is designed with talent and skill.

On your first appointment, Dr. Gorman will listen to concerns, address your goals, and carefully analyze the characteristics of your personality and features. Face shape, skin tone, eye and hair coloring, lip line, and gum line are all taken into consideration during the creation of your treatment plan.

Depending on your individual needs, smile design may include the following services:

  • Porcelain Veneers

  • Composite Resin Veneers

  • Prepless Veneers

  • Porcelain Inlays and Onlays

  • All Ceramic Crowns

  • Dental Implants

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Instant Orthodontics

Smile Design Could Change Your Life

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Not only has Dr. Steve Gorman been honored and awarded for his smile design, but he is looked to by his peers as a source of information and guidance. Dentists themselves seek Dr. Gorman for their own dental care because of his knowledge and skill.

Picture of Joann, an actual patient at The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry

"Dr. Gorman gave me a bright, youthful, completely natural-looking smile. My smile has been restored and my self-confidence renewed."

— Joann

Do You Have Questions about Smile Design?

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Can Dr. Gorman make my teeth look natural?
Frequently Asked Questions

Can Dr. Gorman make my teeth look natural?

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Hi, my name is Emma Claire and I’m here today at the Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry in North Oaks, Minnesota.

With our next frequently asked question, Kathy from Edina asks, “I’ve been looking for a cosmetic dentist for a long time. Can Dr. Gorman make my teeth look natural?”

One of our most common questions involves the desire for a natural looking, bright smile. That is why we have “Before” and “After” photos on our website to show how Dr. Gorman, with his years of experience, has developed his reputation.

Let’s take a look.

Heidi, from North Oaks, came to see Dr. Gorman with old metal dental work that was breaking down and an uneven gum line. Her new smile is metal free and her gum tissue is even. What a pleasing result!

Heidi says, “Not only do I have a natural smile, but I have a healthy smile. Thank you Dr. Gorman.”

Scott from Maple Grove did not like his worn, small, and poorly spaced teeth. Also, his bite was not comfortable. Now, as you can see, his porcelain veneers
look very natural, and he smiles easily.

Watch our video about Scott’s story on our website or YouTube channel.

He says it well, “Dr. Gorman and his staff always put me first. Thanks for a great smile.”

Pam from Minneapolis came to Dr. Gorman concerned about the dark edges around her fillings and wanted a natural result that would last a long time. Dr. Gorman carefully planned and created a solid bite and long lasting restorations that will help her to keep her mouth healthy.

In her own words, Pam says, “The Gorman Center helped me to see how my oral health is connected to my overall health.”

Ed, from St. Paul, had extensive dental work in the past and was in need of frequent repair. He wanted a complete and thorough plan, and Dr. Gorman’s experience really paid off for Ed with a well thought out and natural looking full mouth rehabilitation.

Listen to what Ed has to say about his experience at the Gorman Center, “I’ve never had a doctor or staff care about me so much as a patient. Thanks Dr. Gorman!”

Spend some time on our website and in our smile gallery at to see for yourself how natural Dr. Gorman can make your new smile look.

We love answering your dental questions, so keep them coming. Who knows, your question might be answered next.

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