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Can You Treat Cold Sores with a Dental Laser? (Get Relief in 20 Minutes!)

Dr. Gorman treating a patient's cold sore with a dental laser and the text: Can a dentist treat cold sores? Find out in this blog!

Cold cores are no fun. They can be nasty looking, painful, and their timing is terrible.

Luckily, our North Oaks, MN dentist can help you relieve cold sores and canker sores symptoms. How?

Dr. Lexi Lippe can treat cold sores with a dental laser called the diode laser.

Primarily, this dental laser is used in Periodontology – treating gum disease – and for minimally invasive soft tissue surgery. However, the diode laser can also alleviate your cold sore or canker sore symptoms.

Treat cold sores with a dental laser

Opens new tab to article on cold soresStudies have shown certain dental lasers, like ours, are effective in eliminating painful symptoms and reducing cold sores.

For best results, you should get a laser treatment during the initial outbreak stage – when you feel a tingling or burning sensation before the sore actually appears. In doing so, you may even prevent the outbreak altogether.

You will love our cold sore laser treatment because it takes less than 20 minutes. We can get you back in public without concerns about your appearance!

Unlike other cold sore treatments, the laser does not have side effects and provides fast-acting relief during and after the treatment.

If you are not convinced yet, check out our real patient results…

Real patient results from treating cold sores with a dental laser

Here are our patients’ results from treating cold sores at The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry:

  • Most patients felt their symptoms subside during the treatment.
  • All patients were satisfied with the immediate relief provided by this treatment.
  • For the majority of patients, the symptoms did not occur again after treatment.
  • Few patients needed more than one treatment with the laser to relieve their symptoms.

If you are currently experiencing a cold sore or feel one coming on, call us to schedule an appointment ASAP: 651-483-5134

If you aren’t showing symptoms at this time, keep an eye out!

Symptoms of a cold sore

Here are common symptoms of a cold sore:

  • Dry lips
  • Tingling
  • Itching
  • Burning sensation
  • Swelling
  • Feeling of tightness
  • Blister formation
  • Bursting of blisters
  • Scab formation

If you notice these signs, schedule a cold sore laser treatment before it gets more severe.

Ready to get laser treatment for your cold sore?

Dr. Lippe is a leading dentist in the Minneapolis area. She not only provides world-class restorative and cosmetic dentistry services but she can also help you treat your cold sore with a dental laser – in less than 20 minutes!

Contact us to schedule an appointment:

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