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How Jacquelynn Got a Wider Smile [VIDEO]

Did you know wider smiles are considered more attractive in today’s beauty standards?

A broad smile is one that reveals a lot of teeth (ideally symmetrical teeth) and doesn’t have big dark spaces between your teeth and lips at the corners.

One great example of this is Julia Roberts, the actress.

Now, fortunately for Julia, she appears to have been blessed with the “broad and straight smile genes.”

But for most of us, that isn’t the case. You may have a narrow or crooked smile.

The good news is:

You can widen your smile through dentistry.

How, exactly?

There are multiple ways depending on your situation:

Options like braces, oral surgery, or palate expanders involve reshaping your jaw bone structure to widen your smile.

If you have a large mouth with misaligned teeth, Invisalign may do the trick too.

But another option – one that’s a lot faster and ideal for a majority of mouths – is porcelain veneers.

Veneers won’t reshape your jaw, but they’ll give the appearance of a wide smile while enhancing its beauty and symmetry, which is what most patients want and exactly what our patient Jacquelynn did.

Read her story below, then keep reading for a Q&A on getting a bigger smile.

Jacquelynn is from Rochester, MN

She started Invisalign with the goal of straightening her teeth. But as she neared the end of treatment, she realized she still wanted a few more changes.

These changes – like wanting a wider, fuller smile – were not something Invisalign could do for her.

That’s when she began searching for the top cosmetic dentist in the Twin Cities area and found The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry.

She met with Dr. Gorman for a complimentary consultation to discuss her goals and review her options.

Dr. Gorman recommended six porcelain veneers and gum contouring to give Jacquelynn her dream smile.

They waited until her Invisalign was complete to begin these finishing touches.

Throughout the entire process, Dr. Gorman involved Jacquelynn in every step, right down to the color selection for her veneers.

He also made sure her bite functioned properly, and her smile still looked symmetrical and straight.

As Jacquelynn said,

“I had an awesome experience. I felt at home every time I came here. It’s just a place that I felt I was being well taken care of at… Everything was really comfortable along the way.”

Take a look at her wide smile before-and-after result!

Wider smile before-and-after result

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Interested in widening your smile?

Read these Q&As below!

How to widen a smile

Q: What’s a narrow smile?

A: A narrow smile is when six or fewer teeth show when you smile. It can be caused by the width of your arch, teeth alignment, missing teeth, etc.

Generally speaking, there are no medical complications with a narrow smile. However, you may feel self-conscious and reserved about smiling. You may also experience premature aging with a lack of support for your cheeks and lips.

Q: What’s a wide smile?

A: A wide smile is when eight to 10 teeth show when you smile and when you don’t have big black triangles (buccal corridors) in the corners of your smile.

Most celebrities have wide smiles.

Q: How do I fix my buccal corridor?

A: The buccal corridors are the dark negative spaces between your teeth and the corner of your mouth when you smile.

Too much buccal corridor makes your smile look narrow, like you’re missing teeth. Too little buccal corridor makes your smile look toothy and overcrowded.

At The Gorman Center, we offer a variety of treatments that fix buccal corridors, including veneers, dental implants, crowns, and more. To find out which one(s) are best suited for you, contact us for a complimentary in-office or virtual… This text opens a new tab to book a virtual consultation… consultation.

Q: Can you widen your smile with veneers?

A: Yes! Veneers are an easy way to widen your smile.

They’re placed over your teeth to “build them out” and give you a wider smile. How many veneers you need will vary, but most often, it’s at least six.

Dr. Gorman works with an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry… This text opens a new tab to the AACD website… accredited ceramist to custom design porcelain and prepless veneers for natural-looking and long-lasting results. He’ll take into consideration your facial aesthetics (skin tone, ideal teeth proportions, etc.) and anatomy (bite, jaw position, etc.) for the best outcome.

Q: Can Invisalign widen my smile?

A: Invisalign doesn’t widen your palate or jawbone. Therefore, it’s best suited if your upper arch is already wide enough and you only need alignment adjustments, such as moving your teeth into their proper position to give you your naturally wide smile.

Q: Can composite bonding widen your smile?

A: Yes! Similar to veneers, dental bonding can help give the appearance of a fuller smile. Something to keep in mind: bonding isn’t as durable or long lasting as veneers.Jacquelynn's testimonial after widening her smile with porcelain veneers

Ready to broaden your smile?

The first step is scheduling a cosmetic dentistry consultation.

Dr. Gorman has over 39 years of experience in high-quality cosmetic dentistry. He’s also one of only nine AACD accredited dentists…This text is linked to the official website of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. It opens in a new window… in Minnesota.

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