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The Impact of Transformative Dentistry

Transformative Dentistry
Hayat’s before and after photos.

At The Gorman Center for Fine Dentistry, what we call “Transformative Dentistry” is sometimes simply whitening teeth for a brighter smile. Other times it might be taking care of an uneven smile due to one or two teeth being out of place.

Sometimes it is creating a more youthful, attractive look through a full smile design. But what we’ll talk about today is the transformation of the entire mouth of a client who had lost all hope in ever having a healthy, functional, strong AND attractive smile.

Hayat is a wonderful, sweet lady who came to us hoping we could help her regain an attractive smile that had been neglected and broken down. She is a colon cancer survivor whose medical care included surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. She had been a very sick lady. Unfortunately, she had lost both her father and husband to cancer during this already difficult time for her. She was on an emotional roller coaster. In the process of her own cancer treatment, the restaurant she owned was lost due to her health and “the recession.” Through all of this she maintained her lovely personality.

Hayat had a multitude of dental problems. From decay and missing teeth to gum disease and nagging pain, she hoped we could help her. After careful planning, Dr. Gorman was pleased to tell her that she was a good candidate for implants which would provide the ability to chew all foods, rather than a weak removable denture.

“Our client truly had a change in spirit and her new smile brightened her whole face and outlook,” Dr. Gorman.

With careful sequencing of Hayat’s implant appointments, we were able to provide her with beautiful porcelain restorations that are strong, secure and aesthetically pleasing. As you can see, the before and after photos are stunning.

Our client truly received “Transformative Dentistry”- She was a delight and pleasure to work with throughout the course of treatment and a gracious and appreciative client.  Each and every staff member formed a warm relationship with her and she hopes to open a new restaurant one day so she can cook for us!

“I enjoy being part of the client’s team as their in-house master dental ceramist.  Not only do I get to meet the client, but I get to see the final result in person,” said Edgar Jimenez, Edgar Jimenez Dental Studio.

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